Course In A Box | Complete Course Creator Bundle

Complete Course Creator Bundle | Digital Course In A Box

Elevate Your Course Creation Journey

Elevate your course creation journey with our Complete Course Creator Bundle. Over 1000 customizable Canva templates and resources included
Total Value when sold separately = $340


Course In A Box | Complete Course Creator Bundle

Product Description

Revolutionize your course creation journey with the Digital Course In A Box – The Complete Course Creator Bundle. Ideal for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants, this ultimate bundle streamlines the process from planning to launch. Elevate your offerings with over 1000 editable Canva templates, course resources, and Google Suite templates.

Launch Your Course Creation Business:

Say goodbye to creating courses from scratch. Our comprehensive bundle equips you with everything essential for successful course planning, creation, preselling, promotion, and launch. Infuse your courses with the following resources:

Planning Your Course:

  • 14-Page Customer Avatar Template: Understand your audience inside out.
  • 100-Page Business Plan Template: Craft a solid business strategy.
  • 6-Page Course Plan Worksheet: Organise your course content seamlessly.
  • 35-Page Canva Course Creation Planner: Plan every aspect of your course.
  • 67 Offers, Bonuses & Lead Magnet Ideas (PDF): Enhance your course offerings.
  • Irresistible Low-Cost Offer Worksheet (PDF): Develop attractive offers.

Creating Your Course:

  • Course Checklist (PDF): Ensure your course is complete and comprehensive.
  • Course Outline Master Sheet Template (Google Sheets): Strategise your course structure.
  • Module Outline Template (Google Docs): Streamline your module planning.
  • Lesson Outline Template (Google Docs): Efficiently outline your lessons.
  • 10 Canva Course Module Cover Templates (940×788): Enhance course visual appeal.
  • 10 Canva Course Module Cover Templates (1280×720): Create eye-catching module covers.
  • 60-Page Canva Slide Presentation Template: Deliver engaging course content.

Launching Your Course:

  • 50-Page Course Launch Planner  Strategise your course launch.
  • 7 Canva Course Launch Mockup Templates: Visualize your course offerings.
  • 35-Section Canva Website (Sales Page) Template: Promote your course effectively.
  • 28-Page Canva Affiliate Guide Template: Collaborate with affiliates seamlessly.
  • Share Your Funnel Links Checklist (PDF): Optimise your course funnel.
  • Canva Profile Link Landing Page Template: Drive traffic to your course offerings.
  • 3 Canva Email Signature Templates: Maintain a professional online presence.


  • 60-Page Canva Lead Magnet Template: Attract and engage potential students.
  • Lead Magnet Checklist (PDF): Optimise your lead magnet offerings.
  • Welcome Email Sequence Template: Engage your course subscribers effectively.
  • 42 Canva Presell Promo Social Media Templates (For Various Platforms): Build anticipation for your course.
  • 2 Presell Email Templates: Craft compelling presell emails.
  • 2 Social Media Caption Templates: Create engaging captions for social media.
  • 11 Canva Course Group Banner Templates: Customise your course group’s online presence.
  • 25 Canva Event Cover Templates: Promote your course events seamlessly.
  • 5 Canva Course Roadmap Templates: Guide your students effectively.
  • 39-Page Canva Course Workbook Template: Enhance course engagement and learning.
  • Course Content Drop Calendar (Google Sheets): Streamline course content delivery.

Elevate your course creation journey with our Complete Course Creator Bundle. Create, plan, launch, and succeed like never before.

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Additional Information

How It Works:

Canva Templates – Customisable

  1. Download the PDF after your payment is processed.
  2. Follow the instructions on the PDF.
  3. Import the template to Canva.
  4. Customise the template to your liking.

Google Products

  1. Download the PDF after your payment is processed.
  2. Click on the product link on the PDF supplied.
  3. Click on Make a Copy.
  4. Use as you like.

PDFs/Printables – Not Editable

  1. Download and Print Your Digital Product.
  2. Enjoy your new digital product!

Please note:

By purchasing these digital products, you agree to the following terms:

  1. You do not have the right to resell or distribute these templates or printables as separate items or a complete set.
  2. These templates and printables are not legally associated with
  3. You acknowledge that the templates only work with Canva.
  4. There are no refunds or exchanges offered.


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