Client Fitness Planner for Coaches

Fitness Planner for Coaches – Comprehensive Health and Wellness Tracker

Empower your clients with our Fitness Planner, a comprehensive tool designed to help them track and achieve their health and fitness goals.


Client Fitness Planner for Coaches

Product Description

Fitness Planner for Clients – Comprehensive Health and Wellness Tracker

Provide your clients with the ultimate resource to achieve their fitness goals with our comprehensive Fitness Planner. Specifically designed for health and fitness coaches to offer their clients, this planner includes everything needed to plan, track, and review their health and fitness journey. Help your clients stay motivated and organised with detailed logs, trackers, and planners covering all aspects of fitness and wellness.


  • Body Measurement Tracker (2 Variations): Monitor changes and progress.
  • Daily Fitness Planner: Plan and record daily exercise routines.
  • Weight Loss Tracker: Keep a tab on your weight loss journey.
  • Meal Plan & Grocery List: Strategise your nutrition and shopping.
  • Monthly Water Challenge: Stay hydrated with daily goals.
  • Habit Tracker (2 Variations): Develop and maintain healthy habits.
  • Workout Log: Detailed log for tracking your exercise sessions.
  • Recipe Card Planner: Organise and store your favourite healthy recipes.
  • Sleep Tracker: Ensure you’re getting enough rest for recovery.
  • Fitness Goals & Challenges: Set goals and challenge yourself with structured activities.
  • Calories Tracker: Monitor your calorie intake for precise adjustments.
  • 30-Day Challenge: Commit to a month-long fitness challenge.
  • Healthy Habits & To-Do List: Keep on top of daily health tasks and goals.

Additional Benefits:

  • Lead Magnet Potential: Use this planner as a powerful lead magnet to attract new clients and engage your audience.
  • Unlimited Client Distribution: Purchase once and provide this valuable resource to an unlimited number of clients, enhancing your coaching program and adding value to your services.

This planner is perfect for helping clients maintain consistency and achieve their health and fitness objectives, making it an invaluable addition to any coaching program.

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