Instagram Highlights Template

Instagram Highlights Template for Coaches and Service-Based Businesses – Elevate Your Brand with 8 Professional Templates

Elevate your Instagram game with our 8 professionally designed Instagram Highlights Canva templates. Tailored for coaches and service-based businesses, these templates help you showcase your expertise, engage your followers, and maintain a cohesive brand presence. Effortlessly customise each template to match your brand’s identity and start making a lasting impact on your audience today!


Instagram Highlights Template

Product Description

Unleash the power of your Instagram profile and make a lasting impact on your audience using our exclusive collection of 8 high-quality Instagram Highlights Canva templates. Designed with coaches and service-based businesses in mind, these templates offer a visually captivating and cohesive solution to showcase your expertise and engage your followers.

Key Features:

  • Purposeful Design: Each Canva template is meticulously crafted to emphasize the distinct aspects of your coaching or service-based business. Whether you’re sharing testimonials, offering valuable tips, or giving insights, each template serves a specific purpose to help you communicate effectively with your audience.
  • Seamless Customisation: Tailor the templates effortlessly to match your brand’s identity. Canva’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily adjust colours, fonts, and graphics, ensuring that your Instagram Highlights perfectly represent your brand’s essence.
  • Strategic Categorisation: Present your content in an organised and visually appealing manner with our ready-made categories. From “Testimonials” to “Services” and “About,” our templates encompass a variety of topics relevant to coaches and service-based businesses.
  • Eye-Catching Graphics: Elevate your Instagram Highlights with captivating graphics that harmonise with your brand’s aesthetic. Our professionally designed templates guarantee a consistent and polished appearance.
  • Branding Consistency: Maintain a uniform visual identity across your Instagram profile. Our templates seamlessly integrate with your existing brand elements, creating a coherent and professional impression.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Bid farewell to time-consuming design tasks! Our pre-designed Canva templates save you precious time, enabling you to focus on your coaching or service-based business while maintaining a captivating Instagram presence.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for an array of coaches and service-based businesses, including life coaches, business consultants, wellness practitioners, and more. These templates offer a versatile framework to showcase your expertise and connect with your target audience.
  • Easy Implementation: Our comprehensive step-by-step guide ensures a seamless experience, even for beginners. It will walk you through the process of uploading and utilising these templates in Canva.

Elevate your brand’s presence and make a professional statement on Instagram using our selection of 8 Instagram Highlights Canva templates. Engage your audience, display your expertise, and effortlessly organise your content with these striking templates tailored for coaches and service-based businesses. Purchase now and amplify your Instagram presence to new heights!

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  4. Customise the template to your liking.

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  4. Use as you like.

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  1. You do not have the right to resell or distribute these templates or printables as separate items or a complete set.
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  3. You acknowledge that the templates only work with Canva.
  4. There are no refunds or exchanges offered.


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